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Gold Dr. Frank Leaf

What Began As A Dream

Dr. Konstantin Frank ignited the “Vinifera Revolution” a movement that forever changed the course of wine growing in the Finger Lakes and the United States. Dr. Frank’s vision, knowledge, and determination are credited with elevating the New York wine industry from a state of happy mediocrity to a level that today commands world attention.

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Konstantin's Introduction Story (2:35 mins)

Gold Dr. Frank Leaf

The Vinifera Revolution

Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery is the pioneer of the Eastern United States vinifera movement. Situated on the southwestern hills of Keuka Lake, it was here in 1957 that Dr. Konstantin Frank planted the first vinifera vines in the Eastern United States and ignited the “Vinifera Revolution”. This movement would forever change the course of winemaking in New York. Four generations strong, the Frank family are leaders of grape growing and winemaking throughout the Finger Lakes.

Konstantin and a man in the Vineyard 1950s.
Konstantin in the Vineyards.
Gold Dr. Frank Leaf

Old Vines Make Great Wine

Dr. Konstantin Frank fell in love with a special property on Keuka Lake for its exceptional characteristics – shale-based soils and steep slopes. With decades of knowledge and experience, he successfully planted the first European grape varieties in our home vineyard in 1958. Many of these Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir vines are still in production to this day and they represent some of the oldest vines in America.

Grape Vine of Chardonnay.
Grape vine of Gewurztraminer.
Gold Dr. Frank Leaf

Producing Legendary Wine

Our philosophy is to maintain the legacy built by our founder by continuously producing the highest quality wines from our vinifera vines. Varieties such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and most recently, Gruner Veltliner are prized and beloved at our winery. Our pioneering spirit pushes us to build upon our traditional foundation, constantly innovating our methods.

A bottle of Hilda Chardonnay on a barrel.
Bottles of sparkling wine in a riddling rack.
Gold Dr. Frank Leaf

Our Team

Our staff is a true testament to our 60-plus years of success. We are proud that the majority of our team has been with us for over a decade. Without the team, we wouldn’t be where we are at today.

Staff photo in front of Dr. Konstantin Frank Sign.

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