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Ukrainian Summer Kitchen

Saturday June 17th, 2023

Check-in Time: 11:00 am - 11:30 am
Location: Chateau Frank @ Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery

Immerse yourself in traditional Ukrainian culture! The traditional Ukrainian summer kitchen was used during the hot summer months to reduce the temperature in indoor buildings, was a gathering place for families, and was an area that sustained and preserved foods from the garden to utilize in colder months.

Join us on Saturday, June 17th, for a progressive walk-around tasting of traditional Ukrainian summer kitchen provisions prepared by Lake Life Catering and paired with Dr. Frank wines.

Ukrainian businesses and organizations will be on-site for donations, conversations, demonstrations, and inspirations. Interactive demonstrations of Pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter Egg painting, will occur with Sofika Butenko and Mary Daniszewski. 7-member Ukrainian Band, Tysk Band, from Toronto will be performing. And there will be a collaborative mural painting with Ukrainian-Buffalo artist Dianna Derhek. This mural will feature sunflowers and Poppies.

20% of ticket proceeds will be donated to World Central Kitchen to aid refugees in Ukraine.

11:00 am to 3 pm.

$45 per person.

Ticket sales are now closed.

RocMaidan is a 100% volunteer-based charitable organization from Rochester, NY. They volunteer their time to help Ukraine with humanitarian aid and provide information on ways to help war victims.

RocMaidan will be on-site discussing Ukrainian culture with guests, as well as accepting donations. Please see their donation flyers below.

For many refugees, food is an immediate need. Chef Jose Andrés has set up his World Central Kitchen on the ground at the Ukraine-Poland border providing warm meals for the hungry.

“Nothing sends a bigger message of hope than a humble plate of food. And that’s the only thing we know how to do,” Andrés said. “America is gonna be with the people of Ukraine.”


Pickles, Bites, & Spreads
Fermented gagauz stuffed peppers
Pickled cabbage with beets
Eggs with horseradish mayo and dill
Curd cheese with green onions, herbs and radishes
Whipped garlic salo
Rye Bread

Red Borscht
Borscht with roasted pork, smoked pears, and crème fraiche
Zucchini with herbaceous lyok dressing
Honey cookies

Lazy Dumpling Demonstration
Lazy Dumplings
Green beans and crispy shallots
Braised cabbage
Charred eggplant with tomato and herbs
Strawberry Poppyseed cake

Crafted by Lake Life Catering, Hammondsport, NY
*Menu subject to slight changes

TYSK Band – Ukrainian Band from Toronto.

 Interactive demonstrations of Pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter Egg painting, will occur with Sofika Butenko and Mary Daniszewski. 

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