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Meaghan Frank
Meaghan FrankGeneral Manager
The Frank family wine legacy that started with Dr. Konstantin Frank in the early 1960's has continued into its fourth generation with Meaghan Frank as the winery's General Manager. Meaghan is the daughter of current winery president, Fred Frank and the great granddaughter of Dr. Konstantin Frank.

Meaghan received her MBA from the University of Adelaide in Australia, which has one of the top wine business programs in the world. Most recently, Meaghan received her Master's Degree in Oenology from Cornell University. With combined expertise in wine business and winemaking, Meaghan plans to revolutionize the way the winery is run as well as the quality of the wines. Already, Meaghan has brought many innovative ideas to the winery, including the 1886 Reserve Tasting Room and a single vineyard series named after the Frank women.